Real estate cocktail hour at Lincoln in Southie THIS Wednesday!!

Interested in Buying but have questions about the process? Join us MAY 3rd AT LINCOLN TAVERN  for a Real Estate cocktail hour and get your questions answered! Drinks and apps will be provided!
We look forward to seeing you there!!
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Helpful tips & hints to be successful this Spring market!

The Spring Market is around the corner! Don't get caught not knowing what to expect. Here are a few helpful tips in how to approach your real estate search. Happy Hunting!
Blog by Broadway Village's Shannon Rideout.
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Taking the guess work out of finding a seat on the train

81705118carriage_108196c I know I hate when I fight my way into a packed subway train. Just to see that, two trains down is empty. The CEO of sprout, a Boston based company has come up with a much needed solution to help update the oldest subway system in America. Sprout has come up with the idea to add LED lights to the yellow strip on the platform. The LEDs lights will point you in the direction of the different train carts with empty seats. I really hope Boston is able to do some kind of upgrades to a diminishing subway system. Click here to read the full article.

Blog by Broadway Village's Patrick Robinson.


Don’t let your pipes burst during this cold weather spell!!

70788c21c9e7caa961cf5cbbed82a07b Don't be part of the 25,000 families effected by pipes bursting during this cold spell!  If you are a new home owner, new renter, or new to the New England weather, you will want to read this! Stay warm folks 🙂 Click here to read the full article and to protect your home!

Blog by Broadway Village's Sarah Fillmann.



American Provisions is opening in Dorchester! Happy New Year!

img_5156 img_5153 One of Southie's most popular shops, American Provisions, is opening a second location in Dorchester.  This is just another sign that the Dorchester landscape is changing in terms of retail.  Now is the time to buy! Click here to read the article.

Blog by Broadway Village's Laura Springer.

Happy New Year!


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